December 1, 2023

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11 Viral TikTok Gifts for Everyone on Your List 2022

I spend almost as much time on TikTok as a Gen Z-er. I get so curious about the often odd trends and meme-like sounds that I can’t help myself.

But anyone who’s on TikTok knows that the videos you see can vary dramatically from FYP to FYP (For You Page, which appears when you open the app and offers an endless stream of videos recommended to you by the algorithm).

This makes it difficult to pinpoint gifts that will appeal to everyone, because my FYP is, well, mine.

So, to make this gift guide, I pulled from multiple sources. Some recommendations on this list are from videos I stumbled upon during my late-night scrolls. I also consulted some friends who are social media maestros, and my younger sister, who’s actually a Gen Z.

With their input, I created a comprehensive list that has gifts for everyone you need to shop for this holiday season. You’ll find picks that consider all aspects of wellness, including exercise, healthy eating, self-care, and rest and relaxation. There’s also one gift that’s just for kicks.

Pricing guide

Products on this list vary in price, so you can find a great gift regardless of your budget.

  • $ = under $15
  • $$ = $15–$35
  • $$$ = over $35

Best gift for people who love entertaining

Wood board for butter boards

Price: $–$$$

Forget about a charcuterie board — the newest thing is a butter board. If you’re shopping for a friend who loves to entertain, a wood board for butter boards makes a great gift.

Along with the board, there are just a few other ingredients required to assemble one:

When your friend sets it out for a gathering, guests can grab a piece of bread and scoop up butter straight off the board.

When shopping, you can opt for a product that’s shaped like a piece of bread or get a more traditional cutting board. Aside from choosing a shape, you can also select boards with different patterns that combine various wood types.

And hey, even if butter boards go out of vogue, your friend will still be able to use the wood board as a base for serving up hours of good conversation and maybe some cheese, too.

Best gifts for people who like experimenting with hair care

Heat-free tools for hair curling

Price: $$

Heatless curls have been having a moment on TikTok since 2021. Heat-damaged hair is no joke, after all. Heat-free curling is an easy solution to having a luscious head of hair that Rapunzel would envy, without using styling techniques that could damage it.

There are plenty of methods out there, but one of the most popular ones encourages people to wrap their hair around a fabric tube or sock and then let it dry in that position to create curls. It’s less of a hassle than putting in curlers and purportedly more comfortable, too.

A headband made from silk, or one with a wire inside that bends and allows you to secure your hair without an extra elastic, is a great way to introduce your gift recipient to this approach to hairstyling.

Of course, you can also just purchase a pair of crew socks for someone to use to wrap their hair around, but that doesn’t feel as much like a gift as designated heat-free curling tools.

But hey, maybe your friend is a minimalist and would love something for their hair and feet. No judgment.

Best gifts to elevate everyday drinks

Glass cup and straw

Price: $$

It might seem weird that something as basic as drinking water could be trendy. But on TikTok, that doesn’t mean guzzling plain old water. Instead, videos often explore how to elevate everyday beverages like sparkling water and coffee.

The obvious approach is to serve drinks in cute drinkware. (Adding fancy ice cubes or other add-ons — which we’ll get into — are another step up.)

These stylish glasses will look great with any drink — whether it’s coffee for your cold brew-obsessed friend or fruit-infused water for your friend who’s trying to hydrate more.

Plus, these straw and cup sets come with four of each, so you could give multiple friends bougie hydration kits by splitting the glasses and pairing them with drink accessories.

Cute ice cube trays

Price: $

There are plenty of ways to jazz up everyday drinks, like adding flavor-infused sugar cubes to coffee or ice cubes containing frozen fruit. All you really need is a great ice cube tray, or set of them, for that matter.

Sugar cubes or frozen coffee ice cubes, which make instant cold drinks when added to milk, can be made in a small ice cube tray with whatever shape you think your recipient will prefer, like a heart or star.

For regular, fruit-infused drinks, consider a larger silicone mold that creates cubes like the ones you typically see in a cocktail. Pair the trays with drinkware, and you’ll have a ready-to-use set.

I’ve personally used the Tovolo trays below to make ice cubes for cocktails and can attest to how well they work. Plus, you can squeeze a lot of fruit into that large mold!

Glitter that makes your drinks sparkle

Price: $$

I was instantly intrigued when I saw Anna Sitar’s post on her endeavors to make mocktails and basic sparkling water seem … interesting.

When she whipped out two boxes of Teaspressa’s sparkle cubes, I was skeptical. But after swishing them with a bit of hot water and adding a can of Spindrift, I have to admit the drink she concocted was beautiful.

The cubes make your drink look glittery, with virtually zero effort. While they’re advertised for mimosas and champagnes, Anna’s post revealed their versatility for sparkling water, too.

They’re great for anyone who wants to feel stylish drinking a mocktail or simply make their typical sparkling water and fruit drinks feel a little more special.

The products were out of stock on Teaspressa at the time of publication, but Uncommon Goods still has them. Be sure to select the Shimmer Peach and Berries Trio or the Shimmer Citrus Trio to get that sparkly appearance.

Best gift for active people who work from home

Under-desk treadmill

Price: $$$

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who works from home, but is always trying to squeeze more activity into their waking hours, an under-desk treadmill may fill the bill.

Some people on TikTok claim to get 10 to 12 miles of walking in per day with one of these treadmills. Many swear by setting the treadmill to a relatively low speed, like 2 miles per hour, and walking as they work.

While a number of under-desk treadmills have appeared in TikToks, one of the most common and seemingly popular options is from GoYouth. The treadmill offers a range of speeds, from half a mile per hour up to 6 miles per hour, making it versatile regardless of stride length or speed preference.

Under-desk treadmills are expensive, with most options coming in at more than $300. This a splurge, but it’s also a gift that’s likely to please, and one that many wouldn’t treat themselves to.

Best gifts for people who love lounging

Aritzia sweatpants dupe from Target

Price: $$

Many TikTok users like certain brands or styles, but don’t like the money that’s associated with buying in. That’s where dupes come in.

If the person you’re shopping for loves to be comfortable and swears by Aritzia, you can find TikTok-approved pants that are just like the ones from Aritzia at Target — and they’re a fraction of the price, at less than $30 a pop.

The comfortable pants are made from a cotton polyester blend, and the polyester element is made from at least 20% recycled polyester, according to the company.

The pants are available in five different colors: a light almond, black, traditional gray, orchid pink, and teal green. They’re great for taking a rest day, working from home, or throwing on for a morning walk.

Aritzia T-shirt dupe from Target

Price: $

To complete the look, or really thrill a giftee who’s an Aritzia fanatic, throw in this T-shirt. On TikTok, users rave that these T-shirts are basic, useful, and a whole lot cheaper than what you might see at Aritzia.

The shirts have a longer cut that users say is great as a foundation piece and makes them great as work attire, too. Meanwhile, the fabric has a stretchiness that makes it comfortable.

The shirt comes in a number of colors, though some posts warn that the white tends to be a bit see-through.

And, at less than $10 a pop, this is one of the most inexpensive gifts on our list.

Best gift for book lovers

Sprout bookmarks

Price: $

A gift for any book lover seems like it should be simple, right? You can just buy them a book.

But alas, it’s never that easy. What genre do they like? And if they really love books, will they have already read the one that the bookshop recommends or that you stumbled upon on Goodreads?

Instead of endlessly browsing BookTok seeking something that might be the right fit, a book accessory might be the way to go. These book sprouts from Fred “grow” from between the pages, so each time you open the book, the little sprig of green will pop up.

The bookmarks are a great placeholder, and as someone who loves to read, but often uses receipts to keep my place in a book, I can honestly say like many readers, I would love a set.

Best gift for home chefs or meal preppers

Vegetable slicer

Price: $$$

Hacks, especially ones designed to save you time, are rampant on TikTok. Some of them are helpful and legitimate, while others are questionable, at best, and downright unsafe, at worst (I’m looking at you, NyQuil Chicken).

Some of the more helpful things I’ve come across on the app are time-saving kitchen hacks, which rely on simple tools like vegetable choppers. These devices use a simple grid of blades, aligned with corresponding plastic that fits between each metal piece, to push vegetables through and dice them more quickly than you could with a knife.

This Mueller Pro 10-in-1 Vegetable Slicer was tried by a TikTok user who previously diced her vegetables by hand. She said she would certainly turn to it again.

Best gift for your friend who never misses a TikTok reference

Cat stuffed animal from the “We cannot escape“ video

Price: $$

If your friends are as deep into TikTok as I am, they’ll almost certainly have seen the video of the Amazon plush cats vacuum-sealed into a bag and paired with the sound, “We cannot escape, we cannot come out.”

The gift is more for the kick of it than anything. Even though the package technically comes with three cats, the humor lies in how they’re compressed, so you can’t open them and distribute them to different friends, unless you happen to gift them all at once.

Even if it’s more of a gag gift, laughter is a great stress reducer. Plus, the cats are super cute once they’re opened.