December 2, 2023

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12 gluten-free meal ideas you can try at home, Lifestyle News

For the health conscious, going on a gluten-free diet may have certain health benefits. Gluten is a natural protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and many different types of cereal and pasta.

Gluten-free meal ideas are easier to prepare than the others, and they make healthy choices as meals during any time of the day.

There are many Singaporeans who are intolerant to gluten, and have an immune reaction that will get triggered after eating gluten.

Cutting off gluten from their daily dishes also helps to reduce issues such as gas and bloating, and hence many people prefer to avoid gluten from their daily diet.

There are several replacement ingredients for gluten to make healthy gluten-free meals, and they include gluten-free flour, quinoa, potato, gluten-free oats, buckwheat and more.

This article discusses some gluten-free meal ideas you can prepare at home in no time for any meal of the day.

Gluten-free meal ideas you can try at home

1. Omelette with baby spinach

Baby spinach omelette is one the best gluten-free dishes for anyone, especially as a breakfast meal. This dish can give you the right amount of protein in the morning, and the spinach in the omelette makes it rich in iron.

You can also squeeze some lemon before you beat spinach in the omelette for the iron to react with the vitamin C and convert it into a form your body can absorb easily.

You can also drink a glass of fresh orange or lemon juice with your omelette if you don’t like the taste of lemon on spinach. Iron is a crucial mineral you should make part of your daily diet and spinach is one of the best sources for it.

2. Gluten-free oats kept overnight

Oats prepared overnight makes an excellent choice for breakfast, especially for people who lack time in the morning to prepare breakfast.

It has a good amount of dietary fibre known as beta-glucans that helps in the lowering of cholesterol. Get a packet of gluten-free oats from the grocery store, prepare it and keep it in the refrigerator the evening before. You can also add a few cut fruits into your bowl of oats to make it even tastier.

3. Greek scrambled eggs 

Greek scrambled eggs made with white salty Greek cheese is a protein-packed breakfast to start your day. Eating a breakfast with high protein makes a person feel full for a longer time of the day, and it could help them prevent unhealthy snacking before lunchtime.

You barely need fifteen minutes to prepare this dish.

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4. Thai salad 

Chopped Thai salad is a great gluten-free meal, especially for lunch. You can add a lot of nutritious veggies such as carrots, peppers, beans, kale to make your salad colourful.

Kale is a good source of iron and protein – hence loading your salad with kale makes it extra healthy. You can also add some edamame beans for extra protein if you are a vegan.

5. Chicken or tuna quinoa burrito bowls

Quinoa burrito bowls with chicken make a healthy meal for people following a gluten-free diet as these grains are rich in protein. You can either use tuna or chicken if you prefer non-vegetarian food along with some vegetables.

6. Oven-fried chicken and spinach salad 

You can fry chicken in the oven by coating them with some gluten-free breadcrumb mix until they become crispy. Also, serve the chicken with some spinach salad to add some iron into your diet.

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7. Teriyaki pork chops with sauteed apples 

This dish is prepared by soaking cuts of pork in a sweet, garlicky teriyaki marinade. Serving it with apples sauteed in ginger and other Chinese spices makes it even tastier.

This combination is also a perfect fancy dinner for yourself and your guests who follow a gluten-free diet.

8. Veg wraps 

Gluten-free veg wraps are easier to prepare than many other meals.

You can mix and match the filling of your wrap each time you make them – with salad leaves, tofu scramble with some mayonnaise. Add a good source of protein to make it a well-balanced meal for your day.

9. Crockpot sweet potato lentils

Crockpot sweet potato lentils is a one-pot stew that is very similar to the dhal, and it is a meal rich in vitamin A, dietary fibre, and protein.

You can prepare the dish using red lentils and sweet potatoes by simmering them along with coconut milk. Sweet potato lentils is also a fulfilling meal that makes a good choice for your dinner.

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10. Creamy mushroom chicken

Chicken and mushrooms cooked buried in cream make a great combination with some Greek yoghurt. It is also a fancy gluten-free meal you can confidently serve your guests to satisfy their taste buds.

11. Beef burrito bowl

You can prepare a beef burrito bowl by deconstructing a classic burrito bowl. Add some beef instead of the grains and dairy in the burrito bowl, and replace regular rice with some cauliflower rice.

Make it even more nutritious by adding a few veggies and spices to enhance the flavour of your burrito. Top the dish using an avocado-based dip to have it with some healthy fat as well.

12. Chicken meatballs 

Chicken meatballs are an excellent replacement for those who crave non-vegetarian food without the fat-heavy mix of chicken.

You can prepare some yummy chicken meatballs by using some bold flavours and the char of a hot charcoal grill and serve it along with some steamed rice, lettuce leaves, cucumbers and a sauce of your choice.

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This article was first published in Homage.