December 1, 2023

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22 warm and cozy gifts to keep loved ones snug this year

Who doesn’t love to throw on some fuzzy socks, snuggle up in a warm blanket or read an edge-of-your-seat suspense novel next to a luxuriously scented candle at the end of a stressful day? Giving someone a cozy gift is like sending them a warm hug and the all-clear to relax and enjoy some “me time.”

Best cozy gifts for any giftee on your list

To help you in your search for the perfect cozy gift, we’ve rounded up some favorites from our previous guides that will set the mood, relax their senses and wrap them up in plenty of warmth and style. We’ve also included some highly rated products from Amazon, along with others that align with Select readers’ interests, that we think anyone looking for a great reason to stay in and chill will love. To help you sift through these various gift ideas, we compiled them into the following categories:

  1. Bestselling cozy gifts
  2. Best cozy gifts for warmth and style
  3. Best cozy gifts to set the mood

Bestselling cozy gifts


Great for all ages, these plush stuffed animals are scented with dried French lavender and are fully microwaveable. The softness, heat, scent and weight (1.5 pounds) of each of these adorable Warmies is designed to aid sleep, ease anxiety and encourage relaxation, says the brand. The company makes hundreds of Warmies to choose from, including Manatee Warmies, Hedgehog Warmies, Puppy Warmies, Gray Elephant Warmies and Pink Llama Warmies. They even have Supersized Warmies for those who want to be super cozy.

Bombas Gripper Slipper

These half slippers, half socks are available in several colors for both men and women. They have a soft brushed lining on the inside and special grips on the outside to help prevent slipping, says Bombas, and every pair comes with a travel bag. Over 11,300 reviewers gave these gripper slippers a 4.6-star rating. Bombas also donates one pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair purchased.

“The Plot” by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Snuggling up with a good book is heaven to most homebodies, and even for extroverts who just want a night in. New York Times bestseller “The Plot” was hailed as “the best thriller of the year (so far)” by the Washington Post, and author Stephen King said its “suspense quotient is through the roof.”

SereneLife Bath Caddy Breakfast Tray Combo

The SereneLife Bath Caddy Breakfast Tray Combo is portable enough to go anywhere you want to be and brings all of your favorite things right along with it. It’s made of 100% bamboo and is water- and mold resistant, says the company. Its slide-out arms extend the tray from 29.5 inches to 42.5 inches, enabling the tray to fit any size tub, and the tray has non-slip rubber underneath to keep it from moving around. When not enjoying a glass of wine, a book and some bubbly in the tub, the tray can be used for your laptop when working in bed, as a breakfast tray or for any other reason a flat portable surface is needed. It currently has a 4.6-star average rating from 986 reviews on Amazon.

FGO Organic Elderberry Tea Bags

Why not throw in some tea with the kettle? This Amazon No. 1 bestseller is surprisingly zen for a tea that gets over 97,000 reviewers this excited. Each pack includes 100 tea bags. The tea contains premium elderberry from Croatia, and the tea bags are constructed of abacá hemp fiber paper that is free of dyes, adhesive, glue and chlorine bleach, says the brand.

Best cozy gifts for warmth and style

Gravity Blanket

This Select favorite is designed to aid sleep and reduce stress by making you feel as though you are wrapped in a warm, tight cocoon, says the brand. It’s made of Microplush material and available in three weights — 15, 20 and 35 pounds. The cover is machine washable, and the inner, weighted piece contains fine-grade glass beads, according to Gravity. Precise gridded stitching ensures the glass beads remain uniformly distributed, says the brand. Available in seven colors, including bold hues such as teal, gold and plum, the Gravity Blanket currently has an average 4.48-star rating among 1,689 reviews on its website.

Everlane The Felted Merino Shawl Collar Sweater

This soft, slouchy pullover from a Select reader-favorite brand was practically made for lounging around the house. The warm sweater—made of 100% wool, according to Everlane—is great for layering and comes in two neutral colors: Warm Camel and Heathered Oat.

Women’s Memory Foam Plush Slippers

These plush slippers are a top seller on Amazon, having earned a 4.6 rating from more than 7,500 reviews. Made of fleece upper with a plush lining and a Memory Foam insole, these slippers will keep your feet warm and comfortable, says the brand. In addition, the company says the non-skid rubber sole is ergonomically designed to provide foot support. The slippers are machine washable and range in size from S to XL.

GYS Bamboo Pajamas

The beauty of breathable, super-soft bamboo is that it’s lightweight enough to be worn year-round, setting these pajamas apart from your giftee’s usual flannel set. This two-piece set will keep them cool, the brand says, and offers enough stretch to ensure they can move easily. It comes in a men’s version, too, and with an average 4.6-star rating from over 2,000 reviews, they might never want to wear anything else.

Mellanni Microfiber Bedding

These microfiber sheets are fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant and come in 32 colors. But most of all, they are so soft and comfortable. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases and fits twin to king. The brand even offers extra-deep-pocket fitted sheets for every size bed. More than 320,000 reviewers on Amazon gave these sheets a 4.5 rating, with softness being one of their most loved features.

Sperry Women’s Junior Trapper Lace-Up Slippers

The nice thing about these slippers is that you can also wear them outside. Each pair is made of suede with an ultra-soft pile lining inside to keep your feet warm on cold days, says Sperry. The latex foam midsole and polyester lining provides soft cushioning, and the rubber outsoles prevent slipping, according to the company. This slipper shoe has a 4.4-star average rating on Amazon from more than 900 reviews and is available in 12 colors, ranging in size from 5-11.

Sperry Men’s Brandon Slipper

Luxury meets laziness (in the best possible way) with these slippers, which pair a flexible suede outer with a berber lining to offer warmth and cushioning, says the brand. They can be worn both indoors and out, thanks to the rubber outsoles, and they come in seven colors, ranging in size from men’s 4 to 16.5. And with 4.5 stars out of more than 700 reviews on Amazon, they’re hard to beat.

The Comfy

The Comfy is a wearable blanket that is double layered with fleece microfiber on the outside and fluffy sherpa on the inside, says the brand. Great for all ages and genders, The Comfy is one size fits all and comes in 18 colors.

Big Blanket Co Extra Large Throw

This huge 10-foot by 10-foot throw from Big Blanket Co is double the size of a king blanket and is great if you’re staying in with a group. It comes in 16 colors and is made of spandex and polyester. Despite its size, this massive throw is machine washable in a standard-size washer, says the company. It currently has a 4.8-star rating from more than 3,600 Amazon reviews.

Best cozy gifts to set the mood

P.F. Candle Co. Teakwood & Tobacco Soy Wax Candle

Not only does a candle offer mood-lighting, but this blend also delivers scent—specifically, the warm, smoky aroma of leather, teak, and orange. The generous 12.5 oz candles offer a longer burn time, says the brand, and they’re made with 100% soy wax. And with 4.6 average star rating and over 500 reviews, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Self-Care Bucket List

Part of the joy of being a homebody is having the freedom to relax, rejuvenate and recenter, but sometimes the biggest hurdle to a day of self care is figuring out where to start. This self-care box of ideas offers 100 ways to destress and find joy when you’re feeling lost.

BodyRestore Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Help them make the most of a peaceful night in with these aromatherapy steamers, which dissolve in the shower and release essential oils to scent the steam, says the brand. This pack offers 12 pucks with three relaxing scents — jasmine, rose and chamomile — that impart a long-lasting scent, according to BodyRestore.

Custom Paint-by-Number Kit

There’s something about staying in and creating a masterpiece on a freezing cold day. This Uncommon Goods Custom Paint-by-Number Kit takes your most treasured iPhone photo and turns it into a work of art. The paint kit includes a white linen canvas printed with your custom numbered image, three paint brushes and more than 30 paints specifically curated for you.

Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

Home-popped popcorn without the home-popped mess. An Amazon’s Choice Buy, this collapsible silicone popcorn maker is as easy to use as it is to clean and store. Just pour in your kernels, put it into the microwave and – voila – movie theater popcorn without the trip to the theater.

Ember Mug2

Rated by Select as a favorite work-from-home accessory, this temperature-controlled mug is also a must have for a cozy afternoon. The mug comes in two sizes – 10 or 14 ounces – and, when placed on its charging coaster or controlled by the Ember app, will keep drinks to a set temperature (80 minutes for the 14-ounce mug; 150 minutes for the 10-ounce mug). Safe to hand wash and simple to charge, the Ember Mug2 is scratch resistant and comes in black, gray, red or white. The Ember Mug2 currently has a 4.6-star average rating from more than 1,900 Amazon reviews.


Now this is a cozy meal any homebody can get behind: one that comes right to your door, and is ready to prepare. Chosen by Select as one of the best meal-delivery services, the Sunbasket meal is filled with healthy choices sure to feed the belly and warm the soul.

Seaside Casual Firetable

Chosen by Select as the best table fire pit, this is ideal for that homebody who enjoys a touch of the outdoors mixed with creature comforts.

Kate Spade Turquoise Tea Kettle

Made of polished enamelware and stainless steel, this tea kettle’s bold color and playful style is classic Kate Spade. It currently has 4.7 stars across 2020 Amazon reviews.

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