December 7, 2023

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5 Signs That Home Care May Be the Right Choice

When a loved one needs more care than can be provided, it’s okay to get help. Family members can rest easy knowing that they are being well taken care of.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 6, 2022 / — When it comes to caring for a loved one, there are no real limits to how to make sure that they are well taken care of. Unfortunately though, as people get older there are more things that they need help with, and the amount of time needed to properly care for them can become taxing. We all want to make sure that as loved ones get older the time spent with them is quality time and that we are still creating fond memories, instead of having to use that time with them to get caught up on chores or cooking and cleaning. There comes a time when getting extra help in their house becomes necessary to not only make sure that there is more free time to spend with them, but also so there is the peace of mind knowing that they are doing well even when immediate family is not there.

In-home care services specialize in helping seniors and people who need help in their homes to make sure that all of their needs are being met. This includes, but also isn’t limited to cooking, meal prepping, cleaning, laundry, and more. Having this extra help can relieve a huge amount of time and stress from family members that are currently helping and provides them with more time that they can spend in the company of their loved one. For family considering getting extra help, but not sure if its needed yet, here are 5 signs that it may be time to look into hiring an in-home care specialist to help out.

1. Are they having trouble with daily chores? When it comes to things like doing the dishes, vacuuming, or moping, are they able to do these things themselves? If not, and its something that is having to be done by a family member on a daily basis, it could be a good idea to get extra help into the house to make sure that everything is staying tidy, and chores are done.

2. They aren’t eating right by themselves. If you know that they’re only eating microwavable meals, or other easy to make foods instead of healthy choices that take more prep time, this is another sign that it could be time to get more help. In-home care services can help seniors cook and meal prep, so they’ll have ready to go meals that are actually healthy for them.

3. Their laundry isn’t getting done. Doing laundry is one of those tasks that can be harder to do as we get older. Carrying a laundry hamper up and down stairs can be a tough job for the elderly, so getting help to take care of this task would be a huge benefit to them. This can help make sure that this job is getting done, and that they always have clean clothes available.

4. Their hygiene has gotten worse. If a loved one’s hygiene has gotten noticeably worse or has been steadily decreasing, it could be a sign that they would benefit from having a care giver. Hygiene can be a bit of an embarrassing thing to ask for help with, so having someone who specializes in hygienic care would be a major benefit.

5. They complain about being lonely. As much as family may wish they could be with them all day, the bottom line is that people have to work, and have other commitments, so there will be times when they’re unable to visit loved ones, and they may end up getting lonely. Having an in-home care specialist who is by several times a week would give them the opportunity for more socialization and can positively impact their moods.

For those finding that their loved ones are needing more care than they can provide, it’s okay to get help. It will let them rest easy knowing that they are being well taken care of. While it can take some getting used to, in the end it becomes better for everyone, as they won’t need to worry that they are feeling like their burden, and then family time with them can be better spent enjoying each other’s company.
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