December 6, 2023

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice The Only Solution

Accessibility affects high blood pressure levels in Cincinnati area

A participant steps on a scale to weigh themselves before going through a health screening at the African American Male Wellness Walk in Walnut Hills. The event provided wellness checkups to anyone free of charge, which included, blood sugar, blood pressure, eye exams and other medical checkups for people.
  • Four in 10 residents in Cincinnati region report high blood pressure.
  • Three in 10 residents in the region need treatment for hypertension.
  • Health outcomes like hypertension a result of conditions, experts warn.

When Dr. Benjamin Peterson advises patients seeking help controlling their blood pressure, he typically starts by talking with them about their diet, detailing why certain foods exacerbate preexisting health problems.

“The advent of a lot of processed foods is worsening a situation that’s already there,” the St. Elizabeth’s cardiologist told The Enquirer. “There’s definitely a lot of genetics involved (in high blood pressure) but the American diet and processed foods really accelerate that.”

“I would say it’s a public health crisis,” he later added.

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Fried foods, fast food and processed foods can lead to unhealthy outcomes. But Peterson acknowledges that the choice of what we eat, our smoking habits and the amount of exercise we engage in aren’t always direct lines to good health. Other factors can be at play.