December 1, 2023

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice The Only Solution

Indian Consumers Value Health Benefits, Transparency From Food Companies: Report


As consumers emerge from two pandemic-stricken years, they are likely to rethink their attitudes around healthy eating and seek greater trust in packaged food and beverage makers.

In India, 46% of consumers worry that life will not be the same as it was before the pandemic, according to a new research by Mintel. A period of time that saw lockdowns, food panic buying and homes becoming offices has impacted consumer behaviour in a multitude of ways, including food becoming not just a source of sustenance, but also a source of reassurance, Mintel said in it 2022—Global Consumer Trends for foods and beverages report.

The survey included over 1,000 internet users over the age of 18 years.

Consumers are dealing with pandemic-induced feelings of uncertainty and now desire to take control in the ways available to them. Brands can empower consumers to do this within their food or drink purchases through transparent detail on their products, the report said.

Heng Hong Tan, Mintel Food & Drink Analyst, APAC, said that consumers want more control over their wellbeing with 8 in 10 Indians saying they are eating healthy all or most of the time. “Food and drink brands have the complex task of conveying clear and reliable guidance so that a product will meet consumers’ health priorities. They can empower consumers to make the right health choice by giving clear on pack detail linked to dietary requirements,” said Tan.

In addition to well-being, Mintel Global Consumer research shows that 86% of Indian consumers agree that brands should show their impact on the environment on food or drink labels.

“Consumers will expect more transparency about a brand’s climate-friendly and ethical commitments. Brands can win trust with third-party verification or measurements via rating systems which, in turn, can also help consumers make informed choices,” Tan added.

Consumers will likely prefer claims around health benefits and information around sourcing of ingredients and value clean supply chains.

“In 2022, people will want to see trustworthiness and measurable progress on health, environmental and ethical commitments. Shoppers also will consider how their purchases contribute to protecting their health and the health of the planet and everything on it,” the report said.

The pandemic, economic fluctuations, and local and global events in 2020-21 have caused consumers to form new behaviours, attitudes and values.

Meanwhile, as consumers resume meaningful socializing, they are likely to seek enriching experiences.

Restaurants, retailers and branded pop-up shops will be venues where deeper connections between consumers and brands are fostered. “Consumers will be open to food, drink and foodservice that engages more of the senses to trigger emotional connections. Food and drink that captivate the senses can appeal to the unexpected and the intriguing,” Tan said.

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