December 7, 2023

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice The Only Solution

Laid-back lunchtime: Vancouver eateries offer variety of midday meals that appeal to patrons’ new leisurely approach

Be Well (1012 Washington St.; 360-726-5135) has a similar menu minus the toasts served in a breezy, beachy space with comfy couches and chill music (smoothies from $7.25-$8.25, juices from $7.50-$8.25, smoothie bowls from $9-$9.75).

Ingrid Murphy-Kenny has reopened the indoor space at her uptown cafe at 1701 Broadway (360-921-7802). Ingrid’s GoodStreetFood & Paleo Grill serves bowls ($13-$15), wraps ($13-$14), salads ($7-$14) and items like roasted beet hummus ($8). This off-the-beaten path cafe is known for fresh, healthy and flavorful meals. I recently ate Ingrid’s Mediterranean salad with chicken ($14), a generously portioned mix of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, feta, sweet red onions and Greek olives topped with juicy pieces of grilled chicken drizzled with tangy tzatziki. Friday through Monday, Ingrid’s houses a Funky Fresh Juice Company pop-up featuring smoothies and juices from the popular Vancouver Farmers Market juice truck.

Foode Cafe in the Riverview Tower (900 Washington St.; 360-735-5927) serves sandwiches ($8.49-$11.49), salads ($8.99-$10.49) and flatbread pizzas ($8-$9.49) to eat in the comfy chairs that fill the small cafe and spill into the lobby. This is also a good place for takeout — order ahead or choose from the grab-and-go options on the wall to the side of the register.

Fancy lunch

Amaro’s Table (1220 Main St.; 360-718-2942) is the perfect place for a birthday lunch or a splurge for co-workers seeing each other again in person. The all-day menu includes starters like fried Brussels sprouts ($9) and salt and pepper calamari ($15); salads like the wild salmon nicoise ($23) or the classic wedge ($11) topped with fried onion and bleu cheese crumbles; burgers ($14-$15) and sandwiches ($13-$17); as well as entrees like classic fried chicken ($23) or flat iron steak served with potato cakes ($34). Patrons, embracing the new lunch ethos, can order a glass of wine ($8-$14) or one of Amaro’s craft cocktails like Groove Is In The Heart ($13) with tequila, Brucato Chaparral Amaro, poblano pineapple, lime, agave, and sage.

Low key

Slow Fox Chili in the Columbia Food Park (108 E. Seventh St.; 360-721-0634) provides a low-key open-air experience. The food cart park has covered tables and a bright mural. The menu includes a variety of quick, delicious and deeply satisfying dishes like Louie’s lentils ($8.50-$11.50) with peppers, yam and kale; chili combos like Cincinnati chili (three-, four- or five-way, $7.75-$8.75); and non-chili dishes like Saner spareribs ($11.50), rubbed with Recado and slow cooked.