December 2, 2023

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice The Only Solution

Myths busters- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

Myth: All expensive packaged foods are healthy
Fact: The cost of food items cannot be equated to being healthy or unhealthy. A few expensive packaged foods are ultra processed and are loaded with high saturated fat salts and sugars

Myth: It’s a healthy choice to go on a fat free diet
Fact: Dietary guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Dietary Reference Intakes recommend a total fat intake between 20% and 35% of total calories for a healthy individual. Fat provides essential nutrients and should be an important part of a healthy eating plan

Myth: Gluten-free is the new normal to good health and weight loss
Fact: Gluten-free foods are not healthy option if you don’t have celiac disease or are not sensitive to gluten. A gluten-free diet is not part of a weight-loss diet and is not intended to help you lose weight

Myth: Fruits are best when consumed along with meal 
Fact: In healthy individuals replacing a meal with fruits or consuming a fruit prior to meal or even along with a meal is healthy. In people with diabetes, remember to space the fruit and meal by two hours, unless the person is very sick or advised based on physical activity

Myth: Diabetics should eat special diet for improved blood glucose
Fact: A customized diet is not any different from what is healthy for the entire family 

—Compiled by Sinduja Jane