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Tesco shares update on its meal deal as a healthy drink is overtaking fizzy sodas

Tesco added a health drink to its meal deal that has become one of its most popular options. It is predicting that the popularity of gut-boosting beverages will skyrocket in 2024 as interest in gut health continues to soar.

The retail giant believes Kombucha will be bigger than ever after it enjoyed a staggering 65 per cent increase in sales in the last two years, becoming one of the most sought after meal deal drinks.

This growth is expected to continue into 2024 as new brands join the market to meet the ever-increasing demand.

One of the leading names in the industry is Australian-owned brand Remedy drinks.

Tesco shop front

Tesco have included the gut booster in its Clubcard Meal Deal


The company, which began trading in the UK in 2019, now has a 36 per cent share of the kombucha market.

Tesco has already included the drink as part of its Clubcard Meal deal. A spokesperson for the retail giant said the brand is making it their mission to change people’s perception of the drink as a health fad.

The increased interest in the drink has been attributed to a more health-conscious population turning their backs on carbonated soft drinks.

Simply put, the fermented beverage provides live bacteria probiotics, which the scientific community believes may support gut health.

Kombucha is generally derived from ingredients like green and black tea, sugar, juice, or a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, commonly referred to as “scoby”.

Since rising in popularity, different flavours of kombucha have flooded the market, with health claims including improved digestion.

The drink has also seen its benefits compared to those of green tea, which offers protection against diabetes and cancer.

Tesco drinks buyer Emilia Riant explained: “Although it’s been around for more than 2,000 years, kombucha has only recently become popular in the UK as a result of growing interest in probiotics and hydration in general.

Kombucha boasts a wealth of gut-healthy properties


“Since lockdown, there has been a general uplift in shoppers looking for functional food and drink so Tesco decided to make kombucha available as part of a Clubcard Meal Deal, which has helped boost sales.”

The healthy drink has garnered more than 875 million views on TikTok to date, with celebrities often spotted consuming canned versions of the drink.

Remedy Drinks commercial director Ian Hadley said: “The really important part of our mission to establish Kombucha here in the UK has been to transform its image from purely being a drink aimed at the health market to an everyday thirst quenches that have zero sugar, has less than five calories per can and tastes great.

“We’ve done that by launching different funky flavours and Tesco has helped widen that appear by having including our Wild Berry and Raspberry Lemonade flavours as part of its Clubcard Meal Deal.”


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