December 7, 2023

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice The Only Solution

This Ramadan, make a healthy choice with Zerocal

The blessed month is upon us, and so are our preparations for iftar and sehri. After fasting from dawn to sunset, we absolutely love the first sip of our favourite cold sweet drink. While on one hand it’s an absolute blessing, on the other it is like dropping a bucket of sugar on an empty stomach.

We know that sugar intake of a high amount cannot be healthy, but do we have a choice? It turns out that we do! Zerocal by Square Toiletries is a sucralose-based artificial sweetener that lets you enjoy the sweet things in life without worrying about the calorie count.

A common misconception revolving around sweeteners is that it is only for diabetic patients. As these are sugar alternative, anyone aiming to cut down on sugar can consume them. Zerocal has also been tested against high temperatures and is completely unaffected by any such fluctuations in it. So cooking and baking with it will neither destroy its characteristics nor its taste.

During Ramadan, when our meal preferences change, we naturally want to prepare something special. It is common for our iftars to consist of some savoury items, but at the same time many of us also follow a simple tradition of breaking our fast with something sweet in addition to sweetened drinks.

A look at the amount of calories consumed in these foods might just scare you. Juices made with lemons, fruits or flavoured drink powder, need substantial amount of sugar in them. One litre (roughly a medium-sized jug) of juice made of sugar measures from 288 to 384 calories whereas the same drink made with artificial sweeteners like Zerocal, contains only 72 to 96 calories. The measurement is as simple as equalling one sachet of Zerocal to one teaspoon of sugar.

So, if we have the option to go for some safer, why not take Zerocal?

There is a whole array of dessert items you can make with Zerocal. In fact, if you are one with a sweet tooth and love your health, with high intake of calories out of the picture you are free to make and eat a variety of items more often. If you are still out of ideas, take a quick scan of the social media accounts of Zerocal for numerous special recipes. Every year during Ramadan, the team behind Zerocal goes the extra mile to introduce various healthy desserts and drinks on their YouTube channel.

Why we suggest starting from Ramadan? Because this blessed month is known to bring changes in ourselves and our lives, touching every little aspect of our routine. In the face of such a change, we adapt to a little shift in one staple item more easily than introducing it to our otherwise monotonous practices. So you can choose to bless yourself with better health during this Ramadan.

In our journey towards a healthy lifestyle and better weight, there are times when we are held back by sugar simply because it is unavoidable in our daily lives. Morning tea, a quick coffee recharge at the office, a cool drink on a hot day— just cannot function without sugar. However, the compact packaging of Zerocal allows you to keep a sachet or tablet box with you at all times. Your beverage will taste the same without interrupting you weight loss journey.

Now, it must be remembered that trying to change a lifelong habit is not easy. If this big step is followed by a bitter aftertaste of artificial sweeteners, we will ultimately seek out our dearest sugar again. Thankfully Zerocal prioritises health without compromising the taste. They have indeed lived up to their promise of offering ‘the taste of sugar minus the calories.’ So take a chance this Ramadan and replace sugar with an equally delicious but much healthier alternative with Zerocal.




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