December 7, 2023

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Varun Dhawan turns 35 today and we share the secret behind his washboard abs

The young 25-year-old who made his Bollywood debut with Student of The Year has turned 35 today as he finishes a decade in Bollywood. Varun Dhawan, one of the most entertaining actors of this generation is celebrating his birthday today. The young actor has worked in over fifteen movies and did justice to every single character he picked. The actor does Bollywood masala movies such as Coolie No. 1 as well as dark thriller movies such as Badlapur.

The actor has been sporting a chiseled, toned body with washboard abs ever since he made his debut with Student of the Year. Ever since he has made himself synonymous with someone who puts his fitness first. The actor is not only spotted outside the gym several times a week but he is also known to experiment with several workout forms.

The actor often takes to Instagram to share pictures of himself sporting his muscular body. He also often shares his workout regimes, and videos of himself working out. The actor draws inspiration from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. He once shared pictures of them in an Instagram post and had captioned it, “Arnold and Stallone. One at the age of 70 and the other at 69. Inspiring us all even now.”

On his birthday, Filmfare gives away a few tips he swears by to get his toned physique. Read on to learn more about how he follows a zero-carb diet, practices intermittent fasting, and leads a disciplined life to get his picture-perfect body.

The diet he follows

According to a leading fashion magazine, Varun Dhawan revealed that he follows intermittent fasting where he only eats for approximately 14 to 16 hours and fasts for the rest of the day. While intermittent fasting is an age-old technique, it has gained popularity in recent years. Studies show that it not only helps you reduce weight but can also make you live longer.

The actor has experimented with multiple diet plans as well. There are days when he starts his day with coffee and an egg-white omelet or oats. For lunch, he prefers having chicken with some veggies. His healthy snacking choice consists of makhana or fox nuts, lotus seeds, papaya, banana, and even protein shakes. For dinner, he is most likely to have chicken and veggies again. His diet is specially curated keeping in mind that there is plenty of protein intake. One of the most important factors that he focuses on is hydrating himself adequately.

Varun Dhawan turns 35 today

Talking about the diet he followed during the lockdown, he said that at one point he was guilty of binging on whatever he liked, but he soon put an end to it and picked a disciplined routine. In an interview, he revealed, “Just like my workout, I completely switched up my diet too. I was just binging and eating everything, I think we’re all guilty of doing this at some point during the lockdown. However, I eventually disciplined myself and picked up a workout too. I started my day with a vegetable smoothie and then some fish. I was actually living the life of a pescatarian then and I in fact still am. During the day, I indulge in some sweet potato, gluten-free bread, and soy milk. I also end the day with absolutely zero carbs.”

Talking about his diet in a leading publication he also added that he likes eating simple home-cooked meals. In the interview, he also said, “Eat what your mother tells you. But not always, because some mothers will prescribe buttermilk, parathas with ghee, etc. On a serious note, don’t eat too many carbs at night. That is something I follow,” 

His workout regime

When it comes to his workout plans, he does not stick with one form of exercise but keeps on experimenting with new art forms. While cardio, body weight, and strength training are what he focuses on the most, he also does Pilates, martial arts, and yoga. He also shares the advice to do one physical activity, whether it be swimming, cycling, or swimming.
Varun Dhawan also opened up about how the lockdown helped him experiment with new workout forms. In an interview with a leading lifestyle publication, he said, “The lockdown significantly changed my workout routine. At first, I was into Yoga with Mihir Joglekar and then switched back to training with my instructor Prashant Sawant. And finally, I experimented with something new, training in animal flow with Devrath, a master instructor. I think this really changed the mobility of my body and made me more flexible. I wasn’t aiming to get too bulky during the time but simply more flexible and mobile.”

In an interview, the Student of the Year actor also revealed that he works out every day. He said, “I workout every day no matter how tired I am. I also try and get a good massage, a sports massage. Because, it’s very important for the mind to be healthy if you have to function. If your mind is messed up, it shows on your full body. Keep your mind cool, and let the heat show in your workout.”

The actor also shared a video of himself training in animal flow. This movement improves one’s mobility, strength, and endurance and also serves as a form of meditation. In this form of exercise, one flows from one exercise position to another, opening up their bodies and using stabilizing muscles.

What Varun Dhawan’s trainers say about him

Varun Dhawan also believes in the power of pilates. His pilate trainer Namrata Purohit spoke to an interviewer about Varun Dhawan. She said, “Pilates has made Varun more flexible, lean, and has improved his balance. He is also better able to cope with injuries and is being able to prevent them. Since he loves dancing, pilates has also helped his movements become more fluid and he’s gotten a lot stronger”

In his upcoming movie Bhediya, the actor has to sport a very fit look. For this project, he worked with his trainer Devrath Vijay, who shared how he trained him for his upcoming role. He followed the animal flow workout and practiced exercise moves such as Crab jumps and Scorpio kicks. The actor would spend three hours every day working out. Out of this, one and a half-hour were dedicated to weight training while the other one and a half-hour were dedicated to animal flow workout. Sharing why they decided to opt for this workout, Devrath told ETimes that “With mere gym training, one’s body tends to get stiff, but since the project required him to be agile, we decide to try this out.”