Why Adding White Butter To Saag Is A Healthy Choice


Why Adding White Butter To Saag Is A Healthy Choice - Nutritionist Reveals

Health benefits of white butter with saag. (Image Credit: Istock)

We all love relishing saag during the winter months. When paired with makki ki roti, gobhi gajar ka achaar, and white butter, nothing can get better than it. If you’re a North Indian reading this article, you will most definitely agree with us on this. However, as much as we love savouring this winter delicacy, many people hesitate to add white butter to it. As it already contains a lot of ghee, adding butter may not seem like a great idea. While we must be mindful of the quantity of butter we add to our saag, we must not skip it. After all, saag tastes a whole lot better with white butter to it. And it’s not just the taste, the dish also turns more healthful. Celebrity nutritionist Lovneet Batra recently took to her Instagram handle to share the incredible benefits of adding white butter to saag.
In the caption, she wrote, “Ever wondered why white butter is a must-have with your saag? White butter, traditionally made at home, is a powerhouse of nutrients that complement the health benefits of saag.” While there are several different varieties of saag out there, the one in focus here is the one made with spinach leaves. Take a look at her full post here:
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Hare Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Have Saag With White Butter:

1. Aids in better absorption of iron

As we all know, sarson ka saag is an excellent source of iron. While there are several different varieties, Batra states that the one made with spinach (palak) leaves in particular has more iron content. When had with white butter, it further helps in the absorption of this essential nutrient. Explaining the reason for this, she says, “The fat in white butter helps in the absorption of this plant-based iron.”

2. Rich in fat-soluble vitamins

Our body requires some fat-soluble vitamins to promote growth and strengthen immunity. And white butter is an excellent source of these. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are some of the most important ones that white butter has. She further explains how these fat-soluble vitamins are essential for various bodily functions and are better absorbed when eaten with fat.

3. Good for your gut health

A healthy gut plays a great role in our overall well-being. It ensures that our digestive system always has more good than bad bacteria. This helps prevent various stomach-related issues such as gas, constipation, bloating, etc. As per the nutritionist, white butter contains butyrate, which is a fatty acid that improves gut health and reduces inflammation.
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4. Balances out the bitterness

Saag tends to become bitter in taste if not cooked properly. This usually happens if the leaves you use are not fresh. But no worries, as this can easily be solved by adding a bit of white makhan to your saag. “The creamy texture and richness of white butter balance the slight bitterness of greens, making your meal healthier and tastier,” explains Batra.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of adding white butter to saag, do not hesitate to add a dollop the next time you have it.


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